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Where do you get pay per view chairs? If you buy a ticket and sit in the first few rows of a pay per view you get to take your chair home. See image below from Wrestlemania 28
Welcome to RadWrestling's section dedicated to WWF WWE WCW pay-per-view ringside souvenir chairs. We put this together simply because we think these chairs are highly underrated and incredibly radical. We are in no way affiliated with the WWE. We do not own all of these chairs but rather have used resources to gather pictures and information. Click on any link to the left to view these sweet chairs.

Plan on finding WWF & WWE Wrestlemania ringside ppv chairs, WWF & WWE SummerSlam ringside ppv chairs, WWF & WWE Survivor Series ringside ppv chairs, WWF & WWE Royal Rumble ringside ppv chairs, WWF & WWE King of the Ring ringside ppv chairs, many current wwe ppv ringside chairs such as Hell in a Cell 2010 WWE ppv chair...much much more!

Any chair picture contributions would be greatly appreciated. Please click the link on the left to send a picture or contribute any wisdom.

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